Next University "recovery plan"

Friday 9 April 2021 at 3 p.m.


"Faced with such a complex reality (the pandemic) we asked ourselves: is it enough

to hope that this situation will pass away as soon as possible or can we face it to the

end ... as an opportunity?

Is it more worthwhile to hope only in the future or to live the present by putting all of

our self, our energy and potentiality into it?

In order to answer these questions, we asked ourselves what the University is for us

and we discovered that, in its essential nature, it is made up of faces, of the relationship

with classmates, of studying together, of confrontation with professors, of passion for

what we study.

And one can live all of this even now, if the desire to experience the University is

alive today within us, students and professors alike. "

The above questions were taken from a flyer delivered at the University of Milano

Bicocca (Milan, Italy) by the students of the Help Point Association.

As university professors we feel challenged by the statements of these students. We

think that the dramatic situation caused by this pandemic should push the academy to

take on their responsibilities, directly and without delay.

Confusion now affects all fields. Even in the field of science, opinions dominate and

one hears of everything and its opposite. For this reason, we believe it is necessary

that we step forward to clarify, being aware of the common good and not for self-


In the distance that has been created, due to the pandemic, between us and our

students (fortunately alleviated by the existing technologies), we believe it necessary

to reaffirm and rebuild a University that is a community between students and


We ask that all those attempts going in this direction ─ that have been implemented

with great difficulty, often with imagination and genius ─ may be valued and made


We want the University to become a place where the trust in science is restored, as

well as in culture, mankind and his ability to build and rebuild a society in which

together we help and support us in acts and solidarity works.

We ask those who share this desire to join us in undertaking a journey together.